At the ONE Basketball Organization we have two words that we focus on:

Participation and Inclusion.

One of the goals of ONE Basketball Organization is to restructure the collective way that we all view basketball on a global scale. Basketball players around the world consist of many size and shapes, with all sorts of physical capacities, from drastically different backgrounds, and play for many different reasons.

Regardless of how we look, where we play, and with whom – we all play for the love of the game. Interacting with the simple activity of throwing a round object into a cylinder has become a metaphor for so many facets of our lives. Whether we do this by ourselves, with our friends, or on a team – we obtain skillsets and life lessons every time we touch a basketball.

The ONE Basketball Organization recognizes these traits and propagates them at every opportunity. We believe that interacting with basketball directly provides specific benefits to each and every player regardless of location, background, or age.

Core Values

7 Laws Of Basketball Benefits

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