Executive Leadership

Grant McGuire
Founder – CEO

As the visionary and architect of ONE, Grant oversees several mediums including organizational development, international relationship management, sports program director, as well as being the creative director – overseeing all design and marketing aspects of product & platform development.

Tony Oliver
Chief Technology Officer

Overseeing Strategy, Technology, Product Development and more, Tony drives ONE’s technology platform and brings over a decade of Senior Executive Business Development, Strategy, Marketing, and Technology experience.

Advisory Team

Rod Dixon

As a world-class athlete of more than 45 years, Rod brings a wealth of knowledge to ONE which centers around two aspects: how to develop and implement successful and sustainable in school sports programs at an international level, but also Rod brings an extensive network of relationships with political figures, influencers, and organizational directors.

Norm Nolan

Norm played and graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Sociology. He is a successful former professional basketball player with a 15-year career. Norm is now a professional NBA and FIBA scout and also serves as Head Trainer at Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo, CA and concurrently is the Director of Player Personnel at Xposure Basketball USA.

Jess Markt

Jess congruently holds several positions in the world of Basketball as both player and coach of the Denver Nuggets Wheelchair Basketball team along with Global Sports Advisor of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Jess has a passion for creating value and developing individuals across the globe – helping those at an early age on up to the national level.

Rob Greer

Bringing an extensive background in finance, long-term business strategy, and executive planning spanning across two decades, Rob provides a “go-getter” style business development acumen along with a super-network of executive leaders to reach out to at a moments notice.

Rocky Carson

As the Michael Jordan of the sport of Racquetball, Rocky not only plays multiple sports competitively but actively trains individuals and kids on a daily basis. Rocky brings a knowledge base centered around serving families and the local community along with contributing to bringing athletes and brands into the mix.

Nick Pryor

Serving numerous roles including President of Operations for AMP1, an all amputee basketball team, player and rep for the Phoenix Suns Wheelchair team, Program Coordinator at Ability360 Sports and Fitness Center, and many others, Nick brings a youthful drive and passion which adds to the “serve first” mentality of ONE.

Jeff Fryer

With a lifelong career in basketball as a player, coach, agent, scout, and now President of the Fryer Basketball Academy, Jeff supplies critical feedback, program review, and relationships to the world of basketball.